Nashville City Collection envisions that special someone visiting Nashville for the first time presented with a Nashville City Collection gift, a Realtor handing their clients with their gift box once they've closed on their new home, or wedding guests greeted at their hotel with the visually captivating gift box, eager to see what's inside. It's about the experience from the moment they receive their collection to opening it, discovering all the various contents that make Nashville so unique.

Nashville City Collection began with Stephanie Kelley. As the Marketing Director for a luxury real estate company, Stephanie realized the need for a beautiful gift box that encompassed all things Nashville. It was vital to Stephanie to have gorgeous packaging and contents that spoke Nashville while embracing local business owners. She wanted to make sure she provided a sophisticated product to their clients while building relationships with the companies represented in the collections.

Nashville City Collection took the time to visit local companies, share their passion and invite them to be a part of Nashville City Collection. Stephanie knows exactly what it's like to be an entrepreneur, and she is beyond excited that she can incorporate other entrepreneurs like herself as part of Nashville City Collection. 



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